General Customs of The Republic of Cuba
Customs Declaration:
Passengers that besides bringing their personal effects also import articles in Cuba or cash over $5,000 US dollars or its equivalent in other currencies, or satellite communication equipment and others such as walkie-talkies should submit a Customs Declaration with all the information requested in the form.
To Tourists:
If you are visiting Cuba as a TOURIST you are entitled to all the rights acknowledged by the Convention on Customs Facilities for Tourism.
Passengers can bring to Cuba:
Customs Duty Free: Personal effects, such as those that a traveler may need for his/her personal use during the trip: medical products, prosthesis and wheel chairs for sick and handicapped persons; books and teaching articles.
Passengers may also import articles of no commercial value up to a value of 1,000 pesos, of which the first 50 pesos are duty free. From 51 to 1,000 pesos dues must be paid according to the approved Ad-Valorem Progressive Tariff (51 to 250 pesos, 100%; 251 to 500 pesos, 150%; 501 to 1,000, 200%).
Cuban permanent residents will pay in Cuban pesos (CUP). Non resident passengers will pay in convertible pesos (CUC).
Minors over ten (10) years old have the right to import articles up to the established value. At the moment of dispatching they must be assisted by a representing adult.
Minors under ten (10) years old can only bring their personal effects, according to their age.
Articles and Products whose Importation is Forbidden or Subject to Requisites (At the time of entrance into the country):
The import of the following electrical appliances is forbidden:
Freezers over 7 cubic feet capacity; air conditioners; stoves and hotplates, including resistance; ovens and microwaves; showers; deep fryers; water heaters; non-sprinkling irons with more than 290 watts/hour consumption or sprinkling and steamer irons with more than 703 watts/hour consumption; toasters.
A Previous License or Permit from the Ministry of Computing and Communications is required for:
Wireless fax equipments; devices for data networks; wireless telephones, expect those operating in the bands of 40 – 49 MHz; 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz; radio transmitters; radio transceptors, including walkie-talkies; professional radio receivers; land stations and communication terminals by satellite, including parabolic antennae and satellite telephones.
A Previous License or Permit from the National Office of Hydrography and Geodesy is required for:
Global Positioning Systems (GPS) of any kind.
Live animals, plants or its parts, and products of animal or vegetal origin, whether elaborated or not, will be subject to inspection and authorization on the part of Veterinary and Phytosanitary Authorities.
At the time of departure (Export):
The export of the following is forbidden:
More than three units of a pharmaceutical product made in Cuba, unless it is demonstrated that they are meant for treatment, according with the duration of same, and accompanied by a Certificate of the Health Centre. In the case of non-permanent residents in Cuba, they must also produce the corresponding sale receipt.
Works of art of museum value, books, pamphlets and serial publications over 50 years old, as well as Cuban books published by Ediciones "R", unless accompanied by the Export Certificate of the Register of Cultural Articles.
Manuscripts, incunabulars (books published from 1440 to 1500); books, pamphlets and serial publications published abroad in the 16th to 18th centuries (1501 to 1800); books, pamphlets and serial publications published in Cuba in the 18th century; books, pamphlets and serial publications which are stamped as property of the National System of Public Libraries or of Cuban agencies and institutions.
Cuban Rolled Cigars in a quantity over 50 pieces, unless accompanied by the official sales receipt of the store where they were bought.
Lobster in any quantity and packing.
Individual coins and coin collections with numismatic value, unless accompanied with the Authorization of the Numismatic Museum or Cuba's Central Bank.
More than 100 pesos in Cuban currency (CUP) or 200 pesos in Cuban Convertible Currency (CUC).
For permanent residents abroad (Cubans and non-Cubans): cash over $5,000 US dollars or its equivalent in other currencies, unless it has been declared on entrance to the country, or accompanied by the Bank's appropriate authorization.
Passengers who buy new paintings or sculptures at official point of sales should make sure that the articles have the stamp authorizing export, or should apply for the appropriate permit, which is indispensable for taking the article out of the country.
In order to contribute to promptness in your dispatch and avoid delays:
Fill in a correct manner the Customs Declaration for Passengers.
Bring your medicines and other duty free articles in a separate container from the rest of your luggage.
Do not exceed the 1,000 pesos import limit and do not carry an excessive quantity of the same article that could be considered of a commercial character.
Do not bring or take out forbidden import or export articles.
Do not bring in or take out articles subject to previous permits of you do not have the Authorization Document.
Inform the Customs Inspector of you are traveling with shared luggage (articles belonging to more than one passenger in a single or several bags).
Customs officials are identified by the emblem of Cuban Customs on their uniforms' left sleeve; with the words ADUANA on the flap of their shirts' or jackets' left pocket, and with an identification tag with his or her photograph, full name and the visible ID number of the official.